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The following song appears in a Bush songster published at the turn of the twentieth century. Bush mostly likely first sang it in the late 1880s. It is to be sung to the tune of "Josephus Orange Blossom," a popular minstrel song from latter half of the nineteenth century.


by Frank Bush
Air: Josephus Orange Blossom

Good evening friends I'm Solomon Bulenrinsky,
I came here all the way from Ludlow Street;
You bet I am a bully little sheeny,
At glass puteen, you bet I can't be beat.

My route is right through Ludlow to the Bowery,
And from the bowery down to Avenue A.
When the loafers on the corner do insult me,
I only turn around to them and say:


Butsky (sym) Vutzsky, (sym),
They're Irish and they don't know what I mean,
That's the only way I fool dose Irish loafers,
For I am a bully sheeny glass puteen.

Now the other day a loafer on the corner,
Come up and asked me if I was alive,
And with a club he hit me on the shoulder,
And for the nearest store I made a dive.

The man that owned the store he chased me quickly,
And with his fist he hit me in the eye,
Then I told him for to nemt, a, missamashinna,
And at the dirty loafers I did cry.

CHORUS (Repeats)

Now another loafer standing on the corner,
Says there's going to be a big wind out today;
You better strap your business to a lamppost,
And hold on or you will both get blowed away.

He said he know a place they wanted monkeys,
To ca signs for sixty cents a day,
And I asked him then, why he was not a working,
And I nearly drove him mad when I did say:

CHORUS (Repeats)*

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