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Frank Bush, Famous Figure of Old Variety Days, Passes Away at 71

Through announcement on the N.V.A. Club Bulletin Board, the thousands of friends and pals of Frank Bush, the veteran monologist, were shocked to learn of his death which occurred on Nov. 14, in Mt. Vernon, N.Y. The deceased, who was in his seventy-first year, had been on the stage for over a half century and was known wherever vaudeville was played. He was one of the early comedians to gain a reputation for his Jewish characterizations and also for stories told in various dialects. In his day he was looked upon as a headliner. The bulk of his material was of his own origination and his jokes and tales were more or less based on actualities in real life. In his era he always commanded consecutive bookings and a substantial salary and is reported to have left a large fortune. One of his hobbies was the collection of old violins. Many rare instruments came into his possession, the entire lot, it is understood, running into many thousands of dollars. He was still in harness up to the time of his passing away and was again planning a busy season when he failed to survive a slight operation. Interment was in Evergreen Cemetery.

The Vaudeville News and New York Star. Vol. XVI, No. 22, November 27, 1927, p. 3. (Thanks to Dr. Dawn Schmitz for locating this item in the archives of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library.)

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