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The Union Square Theater

New York Herald, Sept. 18, 1893

" A most radical and elaborate reconstruction of the house has been made, at an outlay of over $50, 000."

" This central location is easily reached from any direction by numerous elevated, cable, and horse car routes. The Third Avenue elevated, and the Sixth Avenue elevated have stations at Fourteenth Street, the former being within one block, while a line of horse cars through Fourteenth Street crosses Sixth Avenue and has at its terminus opposite the entrance to the theatre. It may therefore be said that the entire elevated system of New York, with its connections, will take passengers from any point on its lines to Keith's New Union Square Theatre. The Broadway cable cars stop at the corner, within a few steps of the door, and the Fourth Avenue cable car stops at the other corner, also within a few steps. The complete system of transfers established by the cable roads with all cross-town lines make it possible to go almost anywhere for a single fare, and the New Union Square Theatre is so close to the central line that, like Rome, all roads lead to it. The green cars which run from the Forty-second Street ferry on the Hudson river to the Grand Street ferry on the East river pass the entrance to Keith's, and there is not a line of public conveyance in New York which cannot be used in getting there."

" 'continuous performance' had its New York introduction today."

One impressed critic called it the "continuous vaudeville drawing room."

The new division of the old lobby features a new foyer and a smaller lobby.

At right in lobby is a "a new cloak room and ladies reception room with "rich furniture, mirrors, toilet conveniences, etc."

At left in lobby is "a picturesque nook, which has been filled in with plants, draperies, etc."

In the auditorium, the entire proscenium arch and frame is richly finished in cream and gold and the carving is more elaborate than in any theatre in New York

" The ceilings [of the lobby] are in delicate colors, cupids, roses and clouds being artistically painted and stereo relief work forming a rich moulding."

Gold and cream are used throughout the interior. "All the side walls, dados, baseboards, etc., are in pale blue and correspondent tints."

" Bright nickel rails and box furnishings are noticed throughout."

Reception and toilet rooms on each floor.

New drop curtain with allegorical Italian figures

New machinery backstage and "40 new sets of drop scenes have been painted."

New electric lighting.

Keith came from Boston for the opening and "a number of prominent New York workers occupied boxes during the evening" - so, several side boxes.

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