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3D UST Model Vantage Similar to Etching
Our simulation is set in 1895-97, after a major renovation of the UST. Since we have been unable to locate an image of the theatre during this period, we have relied on descriptions of the renovated theatre and our own informed guesses to create the 3D model.


Panels over Proscenium
The UST theatre featured ornamental panels over the proscenium in the style of Louis Sullivan. Since we do not have detailed images of these panels, we went to the source and pattened the panels after those on one of Sullivan's most famous buildings, the Wainwright Building in St. Louis.


View from Upper Gallery
The Union Square Theatre had two balconies, or galleries. This view is from the back section of the second balcony, the only area where African American spectators were allowed to sit.


View from Lower Gallery


View from Parquet Circle
This view is from the area of the area under the first balcony.


View from House Left
This is a view of the stage and boxes from toward the front of the parquet level.


Box Detail
This is a detail of the upper boxes. The ornamental pattern over the boxes is taken from the 1896 Southern Theatre in Columbus, Ohio as recently restored by CAPA.


View of House from Stage


View from Upper Gallery
The Sandow routine is about to begin.


Curtain Rising on Sandow


Sandow Statue Pose
Sandow began his routine on a pedestal, posed like a classical sculpture.


Back Repose
During the first part of Sandow's routine, Sandow displayed his major muscle groups by flexing each in turn. Here, Sandow's back muscles are at rest.


Back Flex
Sandow flexes his back muscles.


Sandow Backflip: Take off
Sandow was a trained gymnast as well as a strongman. Following his muscular poses, he performed a standing backflip. We used motion capture to create this animation sequence -- as we are doing for all the animation of the stage acts in Virtual Vaudeville.


Sandow Backflip: Mid-air


Sandow Backflip: Landing


Sandow Post-Backflip
Sandow flexes his abdominal muscles as he smiles at the audience.


Sandow from Boxes
Spectators in the boxes watch Sandow at the end of the backflip.


Sandow from Rightmost Box


Spectator Facial Reaction 1
To allow the simulation to run in real-time, we are making the spectator models much lower resolution than those of the stage performers. Nonetheless, representing specific audience responses is a vital aspect of Virtual Vaudeville.


Spectator Facial Reaction 2


UST Wide View (back)


UST Wide View (front)


Frank Bush Model


Avatar Mode (Dorothy Shopper)


Avatar Mode (Dorothy Shopper)


Sandow Model (anatomical measurements)